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Each piece represents a song in the “playlist”.
I created this series based on my inspirations
for why I became both a visual and musical artist.
I’ve been following classic sign painting and graffiti
lettering since I was a kid, so I’ve created each song
title with these influences in mind.
What used to be the mixed tapes and/or CD’s we would
create are now today’s playlists on laptops, smart phones
and MP3 players. A collection of songs that trigger
emotions and memories, like your first kiss or where
you were when you first heard…

I build each piece from plywood
with spruce framing and 3D elements.
Each piece is numbered in the collection.




24" x 48" birch plywood
1" x 3" spruce framin w/ mitered joints
1" x 2" cross bracing in the back
Acrylic brush work with spray colour fades
.25" raised ply song titles
3D wire accents

If interested

Contact Jason: