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After completing 4 years at the Ontario College of Art, I was given an opportunity to create a huge Wall of Rock for the World Famous Gasworks in downtown Toronto.
I invited my friend Nicholas (Dudeman) to collaborate on the project and this soon evolved into a mural partnership we called Sinmon Mural Arts.
I eventually got hired to work for one of the largest outdoor mural advertising companies in Canada, Murad Communications. I’ve created several indoor and outdoor murals over the years independently, the most recent was a collaboration with friend/colleague Mike Echlin (SPAZZ) to recreate¬†the Dashwood & Dashwood office mural on Kingston Rd. Toronto.

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Dashwood & Dashwood Barristers & Solicitors
The Gasworks
Warner Brothers
The Bay
Syd Silver Formals
Calypso Royale Restaurant