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Bayview Village Spring 2014

A collaboration between myself and long time friend
and collaborator Nicholas (Dudeman) Sinclair.
We were commissioned to create large scale canvas art
to depict various classic and contemporary artwork
to be used as backdrops for the BV Spring catalogue.
I used photos for both models to create the comic book
heros which I then enlarged and hand painted
on stretched canvas boards.

The Van Gogh “Starry Night” backdrop I re-created
sideways in order to mimic the original art. Fun times!

I also created large canvas backdrops for bands,
rave companies and clouded walls for fashion shoots.
The Lobo (WICKED) piece was all created using Krylon spray cans
with fluorescent airbrushed accents to glow under
black lights during the rave parties.

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Bayview Village
Shopping Mall

Mamone & Partners
Creative Director
-Louise Souch


Better Days Productions
- rave backdrops


Holt Renfrew
- POV magalogue


- Jerry Garcia Tribute show