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Jason Mamone


I’m the kid that jumped early out of bed to a massive bowl of Shreddies in front of the tube watching Saturday morning cartoons, then bounced out the door on my banana seat bike for whatever crazy adventure the hood could throw at me.

Raised on The Banana Splits, Steve Austin and Houses of the Holy. I became the inspired rocker working at the local record warehouse, building my vinyl collection the way other kids pursued hockey cards, and sleeping outside for the best concert tix my pay check would afford.

Raised by artists with a love for dinner parties and great music, I excelled in art classes all through school to gain my golden ticket to The Ontario College of Art (pre OCAD).
I played in bands, designing gig posters and screen printing t-shirts on sofa cushions. Eventually I raised my scale by producing The Gasworks Wall of Rock with my friend Dudeman, plus numerous massive outdoor murals around the city for Murad Communications. I’ve created props for the National Ballet, installed 20ft starships in Cineplex theatres for Feature Factory and eventually wound up in front of my Mac designing graphics and photo retouching for clients like Holt Renfrew, Birks Jewellers and Molson/Coors.

I joined the Plywood Collective in 2012 to continue my painting skills and get back to my roots, creating pop culture. I started producing my most ambitious collection this past winter 2015 titled “Playlist”.

I live and breath art and music. It’s what gets me out of bed each day.




Desktop Publishing Associates
Ontario College of Art
Northern Secondary School


Mamone & Partners Inc. - Graphic Designer/Web Designer/Illustrator (1987 to PRESENT)
Jason Mamone Illustration - Designer/Illustrator/Web/Murals (1990-PRESENT)
Sinmon Mural Arts - Co-Owner/Operator/Artist (1994-1998)
Murad Communications - Mural Artist (1997)
National Ballet of Canada - Prop artist (1995)


Graphic design
Photo retouching
Portrait/pop-art painting
Prop building
Web builds